The Best place to Source Non Woven Polyester Fabric

Non-woven polyester fabric is found nearly everywhere. It is used in making coffee filters, a mask, a diaper, and roofing. Over the years, its market has been seen to be growing exponentially. This is an old textile fabric that’s not knitted or woven. When a company needs non-woven, it needs to know where to source it.

Sourcing Non Woven Polyester 

This fabric has many uses. Thanks to its nature, it can be used in various applications, like filtration, mattress construction, household, furnishing, apparel, roofing, and many others. However, the value of this fabric depends on its maker. If a company needs a high-quality fabric that ensures the product it is being used for will last long, then it has to source it from a reputable supplier, like Pacific Upholstery Supply. 

Different Options from Pacific 

When obtaining the right non-wovens, companies utilize the services and fabrics of Pacific because they know that it’s the only supplier they can trust. Here are some of the non-wovens that Pacific offers: 

  • Spunbond. It has uniform qualities and is made of continuous filament fibers. It boasts various strong characteristics. It is UV stable with excellent permeability. Because of how it is made, it is easy to find it being utilized by various industries, from filtration to camping to landscape. And if these companies need spunbond non-woven, they only go to Pacific. 
  • Needlepunch. It has become a popular option because of its versatility. To satisfy different needs and industries, Pacific offers it in different types of thicknesses and densities. This fabric is also resistant to sunlight, aging, and wear. Plus, it can tolerate high temperatures. 
  • Stitch bond. It’s a fabric knitted through fibrous batts. The high product process of this fabric enables the cost of this fabric to go down compared to other similar materials. It is used in various applications, such as manufacturing, textile lining, and manufacturing mattresses, among others. 

Adaptability and Durability 

Non-wovens are highly durable and they can be decomposed easily. Then again, if clients want the best non-wovens, they only source them from a reliable fabric maker. Pacific Upholstery Supply is based in California. For over 7 decades, it has been providing high-quality materials to many manufacturers in California and the entire US. When looking at the fabrics of Pacific, clients can’t only find polyester fabrics but also non-wovens that can be used for various construction and manufacturing purposes. 

Wholesale Supplies 

Pacific Upholstery Supply caters to businesses and industries. It offers them high-quality products without costing a lot of money. The company also offers accessories that are vital in producing the finished item. They, too, are of high-quality to ensure that the product will last long and the clients who will receive it will be jubilant. When it comes to retaining customers, companies must only use excellent quality materials to ensure that their clients will remain with them forever. 

To find out more about how to obtain non woven polyester fabric from Pacific Upholstery Supply or what other products and services it offers, please call (323) 321-2222