Find The Best Commercial Concrete Floor Coating for Los Angeles Stores

Store owners all over the world need to protect their concrete floors using specialist coatings. These coatings serve to protect the basic concrete floor, inhibiting corrosion in steel support and reducing the impact of foot traffic on the concrete. When a business needs to replace the commercial concrete floor coating in its Los Angeles store, there are several choices that it needs to consider before making a final decision. Picking the right coating is vitally important, and Just Right Painting can help store owners to make the right choices when it comes to the right type of coating for their floor.

The Most Popular Floor Coating

Of all of the coatings that are used in stores across the wall, epoxy products tend to make up the majority. In this type of coating, there is a waxy epoxy resin and a chemical hardener which are combined to create a firm, plastic-type material which can be applied to almost all types of concrete bases. Why choose epoxy? Experts suggest that the characteristics of durability, impact resistance, and hard surfaces “make epoxy coatings ideal for heavy-duty applications such as industrial facilities, warehouses…and other areas that may be subjected to heavy forklift traffic”. It is easily cleaned, durable, and extremely popular with the vehicle repair industry, but it is also good for stores as it allows plenty of traffic to pass across the floor before it needs to be restored. This is essential because epoxy coatings are not always easy to lay, and the old floor will need to be removed, to begin with. This can take time and is one of the reasons why stores look for alternatives to epoxy flooring.

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