Grief Counseling Los Angeles: Coping with the Loss of Someone You Love

Dr. Yvonne Thomas has been listening to the pain that her clients are going through since she opened her office in LA. She offers grief counseling in Los Angeles to help individuals in coping with the pain of losing someone they love. 

All of us will have to deal with a tragedy at some point in our lives. One of those tragedies is the death of a loved one. To talk about it can be uncomfortable. Every time you get to hear about the death of someone’s beloved, you become affected by it. The effect you feel is your personal feeling of grief. 

grief counseling in Los Angeles

When a certain event arises, it triggers a part of you that you may not have known existed before and that part require some personal work. And knowing that someone died can trigger your personal experience with death. 

It brings you the memory you had when you lost your parents, grandparents, etc. And that memory activates your personal experience. 

Losing someone you love is one of the most difficult challenges in life. But this is a natural part of life. You can overcome it. As time passes, the sadness diminishes in intensity. 

But you need to grieve to overcome the feeling of sadness. When you grieve, you continue to embrace those times you had with your loved one. 

Grief Counseling in Los Angeles to Help Move on with Life 

It takes time for you to accept the fact that your best friend, a relative or a sibling died. If the event of losing your loved one is too overwhelming, you should consider talking about it to a counselor. You must not deny your feelings as it will only frustrate you in the process. 

Dr. Thomas will help you accept your feelings after the death of a loved one. The anger, frustration, and sadness are all part of the process and you must embrace them to help you move on. Dr. Thomas has a method to help you heal faster. 

Processing the pain you feel can be difficult if you are dealing with it on your own. You need to talk to a therapist so you can better understand why you are grieving and how to cope with it and avoid affecting your life. 

You can heal your pain by talking about it. There is no need to hide it. The more you conceal it, the more frustrated you become. And it will negatively affect your entire life. However, you must not talk about it because society calls for it. Rather, you must only open up about it and call a specialist if you are ready. 

Opening up about the death of your loved one does not mean that you are weak. Rather, it indicates that you are honest with yourself. 

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Although seeking grief counseling is effective to help you cope with the loss, healing might not come immediately. It takes time for you to get back to normal. 

Contact Dr. Thomas today for a grief counseling in Los Angeles. You may not think that you need it. But when the session starts, you know that you made a good decision by talking to her. Book an appointment by calling at (310) 359-9450.