Having Mixed Agendas in Relationships? EFT Therapists In Los Angeles Can Help

You are in a difficult place and are wondering if you can ever find your way out. It might be that you have been over-thinking your relationships with friends or other family members. Or it may be that you are facing a particular relationship problem as a couple.  Some couples struggle with mixed agendas. And have no one to talk to about their ambivalence in staying or leaving the relationship. In these moments of confusion, you may benefit from speaking to EFT therapists in Los Angeles. They can help you find some clarity and peace that will result in the alleviation of relational distress. 

EFT therapists Los Angeles

What Is EFT?

When seeking therapy, it is important to understand the treatment type you’re looking for. And to do research on therapists and their specialties.  As a relational therapist, I always recommend doing research some of which may be beneficial to you. In this instance, EFT is the shorthand term for emotionally focused therapy. This is designed to work with your emotions. And attempt to resolve emotional issues from your past. Which are affecting the way that you handle things as a couple. Your childhood traumas may result in you having needs that are still unmet. And this can affect you when you try to interact with other adults.

The focus in dealing with a couple in this situation revolves around self-change. Attempting to heal yourself rather than heal the external relationship. Many practitioners of emotionally focused therapy believe that it is not possible to heal the relationship without some commitment to self-change.

Better Self, Better Relationship

In an attempt to improve the relationship of the couple who are seeking therapy, practitioners will often attempt to address the unmet needs of each party. Sometimes, the problems or difficulties in the relationship need to be addressed alongside the personality changes. In order to create a more harmonious union. Some therapists consider that attachment is one of only a number of different ways of functioning in a relationship, alongside the attraction and a conflict based upon issues of power or identity.

However, other therapists will focus upon the attachment theory as the main source of motivation for adult relationships. Discussing the needs of your relationship with your therapist will help you to resolve your own doubts and worries, and this can in turn leads towards an improvement in the relationship itself.

Get Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Today

It is important that you come to visit the EFT practitioners in Los Angeles as a couple, so that the interaction can be examined by the practitioner from the start. Discovering what you want from your partner in a therapy session can help you to adjust to the relationship, and may bring you closer together. While not all relationships can heal, in many cases a firmer foundation can be constructed on which a good relationship can exist, so don’t feel as though couples therapy is a last resort. Instead, you can get help when you speak to Grazel Garcia to book a session today.