How to Identify Fake Chanel Round Bag?

Chanel round bag is just one of the popular bags of the famous brand. It’s also one of the bags that people want to counterfeit. The easiest way to ensure that you’re buying an authentic brand is to purchase it from Chanel. However, some bags are no longer available at the brand’s official site or boutiques. 

Shopping for Chanel Round Bag

When you choose to shop resale, you can grab your favorite Chanel bag at a very affordable price. Unfortunately, most of the resellers are selling fake Chanel bags. Thus, it’s ideal that you know how to spot a fake Chanel bag so you can purchase this luxury item with confidence. 

Quilted Pattern 

One of the most obvious ways to spot fake from authentic is the pattern. Chanel bags are typically quilted in various patterns. If there’s no interruption in the pattern, it must line up perfectly. However, if it’s not consistent, it’s not necessarily a counterfeit Chanel. Keep in mind that this bag uses leather. And this material stretches over time. In that case, expect the pattern to be off on some old, vintage styles. 


The quilting can bulge. To prevent it, Chanel uses a great number of stitches. If you wish to be thorough, you may want to count the stitches. Each site of a quilted pattern is known as a panel. Every panel must have at least nine stitches. A fake Chanel will have less than 8 stitches. 

Chain Straps

Coco and her sisters stayed in an orphanage run by a convent when their father left them. When Coco started to make bags, she was inspired by the keychains that the nuns were carrying. Thus, she used a chain for the straps. These lightweight straps are a defining feature of this luxury brand. The straps are always of the highest quality. They must not feel too heavy. Rather, they must offer a substantial weight. 

Serial Number 

Serial numbers of Chanel bags can have six, seven, or eight digits. The brand doesn’t issue a longer serious number. The series matches the style of the sticker on which the serial number is printed. Chanel changes its appearance frequently to prevent people from making counterfeit bags. 


The CC logo was just added in 1984 by Karl Lagerfeld. It’s the most recognizable feature of any Chanel bag. When spotting a fake from an authentic, the right C overlaps the left C at the top. Then, the left letter overlaps the right C at the bottom. You should also look at the end of every letter. It has to be flat. If it’s a fake bag, these details are not correct. 

Buy or Rent from a Reputable Provider 

Counterfeiters, however, are getting smarter. They can easily fool anyone. Thus, if you wish to buy or rent an authentic Chanel round bag, make sure that you use a reliable provider. Luxury Fashion Rentals guarantees that your order is 100% real products. All rental items here are original and in the best condition possible.