Is It a Good Idea to Build an ADU to Create More Living Space?

Have you ever wished to create more living space on your property? How about earning rental income? It sounds like a good idea, right? It is. But ADU construction can be quite expensive. However, since you’re renting out the space, it is certainly a good idea.

Why Would You Consider ADU Construction?

Just imagine having a private getaway sitting in your backyard. Since the government permitted this type of construction, homeowners across the country are now investing in their cottage retreat or ADU. However, they’re not just building it to have a place to retreat after a long week of work. Rather, they are building one to help them earn some rental income.

What is ADU?

It has several names. But the most common one is a detached accessory dwelling unit. It’s a standalone house built behind your main house. By building one, you can maintain privacy while creating extra living space for yourself or family members. It has many benefits. It has no shared walls so you can maintain privacy.

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