PRP Injection Treatment: Finally for Me

I’ve always had a scar on my forehead. I’ve worn my hair in all different kinds of ways to hide it. Some were better than others. Some didn’t flat-out work. I even had a very unfortunate period in my life when I experimented with hats. Many people look great in hats; I am not one of them.  I couldn’t quite find a scar treatment that worked for me. And never realized PRP injection treatment could be an answer for me. 

I’d gotten very good at covering for my scar, sometimes by talking about it. Depending on the event, mood, or wine, I had hit my head on a waterslide as a kid; I’d had a car accident as a teenager or an unfortunate accident that ended my parallel bars gymnastics career. Sometimes it was a fun game, thinking of the best, newest way that I could’ve gotten my car. Like so much else, after a while, it got exhausting.

PRP injection treatment

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