Replace 2018 Ford Mustang to Aftermarket Black Mustang Wheels

The 2018 Ford Mustang is undeniably gorgeous with its sleek design. But you can make it better by replacing the OEM wheels with aftermarket black mustang wheels from Project 6GR. 

aftermarket black Mustang wheels

The Mustang Model 

All Ford Mustangs are reliable and feature a better appearance than other Ford models. The 2018 Ford Mustang, for instance, has better and improved appearance and performance. It also features a host of new standards. 

With its series of improvements and the new design, owners can customize this card to their preferences. This latest Mustang has an attractive design. However, some owners are not happy with the wheels. Hence, they replace them with aftermarket black Mustang wheels

At Project 6GR, they offer different full forged and spun forged wheels. The wheels are of different sizes, from 19” to 24”. The finishes will also vary. You can opt for gloss black, silver, satin black and satin graphite. 

Furthermore, the wheels here are available in a standard setup, staggered setup and squared setup. They can also work with OEM TMPS Sensors. 

Of course, your wheel preferences may vary. Although a Ford Mustang has a sporty look, some owners would want their car to have an even sportier appearance. 

They want to have bigger wheels because they look good. At Project 6GR, they offer their aftermarket tires with premium cushioning effect. They only offer high-profile tires here. 

If you are not sure what wheel size you can have, contact their experts at Project 6Gr. They are more than eager to assist you to get the right size for your car. 

When choosing wheel offset, it has to be within 5 mm of your OEM offset. To determine the specs of your wheel, give them a call and they will help you identify them. 

As for the safety and quality of our aftermarket wheels, they can guarantee you that the wheels are safe. They are certified JWL and VIA. 

Plus, they offer a lifetime structural defect warranty. Furthermore, they do not manufacture their tires overseas. Rather, they make them here in the US. 

They have all the resources they need to create wheels that are as strong and durable as the OEM equivalent. Their team takes the performance and handling of your car seriously. They do not sacrifice safety or performance. 

They are properly engineered aftermarket wheels so they can guarantee you that they are compatible with your car. 

At Project 6GR, they showcase only the best aftermarket Mustang wheels. They have a team of professionals who can give you the best customer service should you need any help in identifying the best wheels for your car. 

You do not need to worry about tire pressure sensors. As mentioned earlier, they are all compatible with OEM TPMS sensors. In that case, the pressure information of your wheels is presented in real-time. 

Before shopping their aftermarket black Mustang wheels, contact their experts first at (888) 714-7467 to know more about whether or not the wheels you wish to buy are compatible with your Mustang.