Some of the Ways Roofing Fabric Made of Polyester Helps

Polyester roofing fabric isn’t exactly new at this point, but it’s even more effective than ever before. Many of Pacific Upholstery Supply’s customers have used this exact kind of fabric to give their customers the sort of roofing that they can count on, year in and year out. There are many reasons that they offer their customers this specific kind of fabric for their roofing needs. Below, we’ve laid out a few of them. If you want a more extensive list, Pacific Upholstery Supply is always glad to talk about their fabrics. 

A Roofing Fabric That’s Easy to Use 

Wrinkling and riding are problems with fabrics used in roofing. They are problems, that is until you use Pacific Upholstery Supply polyester fabric. When you say “yes” to this fabric, you can say “goodbye” to wrinkling, ridging, and other problems. The secret lies in the composition of this fabric. It’s significantly more disposed to not wrinkle or ridge than other kinds of popular fabrics used in roofing. Weather and waterproofing are essentially non-negotiable for fabrics used in roofing. This fabric can allow you to provide your customers with a higher quality product without sacrificing quality. Additionally, this ease of use makes it easier for you to get your roofing done, too. 

A Reinforcing Fabric 

“Reinforcing fabric” is one of those words that can be used too liberally perhaps in this industry. The fabric could be described as “reinforcing” when really, it doesn’t offer much reinforcement whatsoever. However, that’s not the case with Pacific Upholstery Supply’s polyester reinforcing fabric. This fabric really does provide significant reinforcement when called upon. That’s a significant factor in why it’s used in base flashing details, roof split repairs as well as roof restoration systems. The last thing you want is to restore someone’s roof only to find that the restoration doesn’t provide the kind of quality that the client is looking for. With this durable fabric, you can make sure that your restoration is exactly that. 


Withstanding Thermal Stress Force Accommodations 

Essentially wherever a building is located, the roof has to deal with so much. From snow, wind, rain, excessive heat, and many other problems, the roofing of any building in any climate will have to withstand quite a bit. That’s why Pacific Upholstery Supply polyester fabric for roofing has exemplary thermal stress force accommodations. This comes from elongation. Pacific Upholstery Supply makes sure that elongation is good so that the fabric itself has very high strength properties. That way, it can withstand what it has to. 

Puncture Resistance and More 

No one wants a hole in their roof. Even the best-designed roof, over time, can develop problems. Those are just a few of the reasons that Pacific Upholstery Supply does everything in their power to make sure that their fabrics have top-notch puncture resistance. That way, the roofing that you provide your customers can stand the test of time. For more information about their fabrics used in roofing or any other application, message Pacific Upholstery Supply through their site or call (323) 321-2222.