Vessel Licensing and Registration in Canada

Now that you have your vessel, what’s next? The requirements for vessel licensing and registration in Canada are very down to detail but straightforward. It is just a question of filling out the correct forms. Which forms depend on to what use you wish to put your craft. First-time registration is quite simple because the information is basic and much of it is already on the paperwork you receive when purchasing the vessel.

vessel licensing and registration in Canada

Most of the vessel license requirements are specifically in the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. And cover your right of legal ownership, the name of the vessel, and the right to fly the Canadian flag. It also includes your home or port of registry. The rest deals with the dimensions and particulars of the craft, such as type, length, the method of propulsion, engine size, and capacity. The technical schematics will come with the documentation when purchased. This registry form is in effect an official history of your craft, starting from the builder’s name and going forward.

The paperwork follows the vessel from one owner to the next and is quickly recoverable if the original documentation is lost or destroyed. It will also include what is the intended use of the craft, commercial or pleasure. National Vessel Registry Center Corp. provides the documentation you need and can assist you through the process.

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