What You Can Do for Mold Remediation

Has mold appeared in your home and you aren’t sure what to do? Are you concerned that there’s mold but you aren’t sure where it is? If you believe that you may have mold, we can help. Here at Scope Environmental, if there’s mold in someone’s home, we can draw upon our training to be able to handle the situation right. With years of experience and the best equipment on the market, our mold remediation is second to none. Below are some steps you can take in regards to mold, only if you can do so safely. 

Where To Check For Mold 

Obviously, if you see mold on your ceiling or something, then it makes sense to reach out to the professionals. However, that’s not often the only place that mold can be. Mold is a result of moisture, so if you have moisture somewhere, you could potentially have mold. That’s why so often, mold is found under the sink, in your ventilation ducts, behind the fridge, or even under stacks of newspapers. Often, people call us after heavy rains and flooding, as that means mold could have crept in behind drywall, under wet carpeting, around leaking windows, and so forth. 

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