The Kind of Polyester Roofing Fabric Your Clients Can Count On

Your clients and customers count on having a great roof over their heads. With Pacific Upholstery Supply’s polyester roofing fabric, that’s exactly the kind of quality that is provided. A roof is too important to be constructed with anything less than top-quality fabric. Moreover, Pacific Upholstery Supply also provides their fabrics at affordable rates, so that you don’t have to spend your entire budget just to get the right roofing fabric for your project. Pacific Upholstery Supply fabrics are used in a variety of ways so that you can use them exactly how you see fit. 

Polyester Roofing Fabric for Solvent-Based Cold Process Systems 

When building a roof through a cold process, you want a durable fabric that won’t break down. Moreover, you want a roofing fabric that is easy to work with. Pacific Upholstery Supply fabrics is all of that and more. Clients and customers use Pacific Upholstery Supply roofing fabrics in cold process systems more or less since cold process systems rose to prominence. Instead of going with a fabric that can be changed to fit a cold process system, Pacific Upholstery Supply offers a roofing fabric that’s exactly right for cold process systems. 

Great for Asphalt Emulsion 

Beyond cold process systems, Pacific Upholstery Supply roofing fabrics can be used in many different ways. One of the more popular applications is asphalt emulsion. Pacific Upholstery Supply is glad to see this for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that asphalt emulsion is a process that’s environmentally safe while helping their clients to further save their money, too. This process is just one more way that Pacific Upholstery Supply fabrics is used by their clients to create better products for their customers. 

Roof Repair with polyester roofing fabric

Pacific Upholstery Supply roofing fabric has been used for many years to construct great roofs. Whether they’re in new homes or other kinds of buildings, these roofs have stood the test of time. However, Pacific Upholstery Supply’s new fabrics can be used for far more than just new roofs. This polyester fabric has been great for roof repair, too. There are many buildings with weakening roofs that are starting to wear down or worse. This fabric can be used to restore the roof to be as great as it was or, in some cases, actually be better. Today’s customers are more interested in energy efficiency than ever before. This fabric can go a long way towards providing that to your customers. 

polyester roofing fabric

Fabrics for More than Just Roofs 

Pacific Upholstery Supply provides sturdy, durable fabrics for your roofing projects. However, Pacific Upholstery Supply also provides far more fabrics than just those used for roofing. If you go through their site, you’ll find a lengthy and extensive catalog of non-wovens. Each of these can be used in several different sorts of industries. As roofing fabrics improve, Pacific Upholstery Supply continues to update the products that they offer. Whether you’re looking for fabrics for roofing, upholstery, or any other needs, you can find them at Pacific Upholstery Supply’s site. For more information, just give them a call at (323) 321-2222.