Upholstery Supplies for Upholstery Professionals

Every great product starts with great materials. Professionals count on upholstery supplies to give their products the best beginning possible. Without the right materials at the get-go, even the most talented, proficient expert could possibly struggle to make the kinds of products that their clients and customers demand and deserve.  “Pacific Upholstery Supply” was named such for a reason. Pacific Upholstery Supply provides the kinds of supplies that upholstery pros have relied on for many years, and can do the same for you. 

upholstery supplies
Upholstery Supplies for Upholstery Professionals

Upholstery Supplies, No Matter How Big or Small 

When people think of supplies for upholstery products, they might think of some of the larger supplies and materials. Pacific Upholstery Supply offers exactly that at their facility. However, they also offer smaller parts that can make all of the difference in the world. Zippers, with 4.5 and 5 chains as well as auto lock, pin lock, and non-lock sliders are available. To make sure that these fit into the aesthetic style that you’re looking for, you can get them in black, white, and beige. Cut lengths are available so that you can get the length that you’re looking for. 

Customized Supplies 

Over the decades, Pacific Upholstery Supply has been proud to work with upholstery professionals of all kinds. From the largest companies to mom and pop ones, Pacific Upholstery Supply provides for them all. Each of their clients has different needs in terms of what they need for their upholstery products. That’s just one of the reasons that they offer special orders. To use the zippers as an example, you can get them in black, white, and beige like mentioned. Additionally, you can get them in custom colors as well.

Pacific Upholstery Supply knows that not every upholstery product that you make is going to be right for black, white, and beige zippers, so Pacific Upholstery Supply aims to give you what you want. Of course, Pacific Upholstery Supply’s customization isn’t limited to just the colors and lengths, too. To that end, they take special orders. Through that process, you can always get exactly what you need for your products from Pacific Upholstery Supply.

Always Improving, Never Resting 

If you go to the page on their site that covers supplies for upholstery professionals, you’ll find that they have a wide range of products available. That said, Pacific Upholstery Supply is always looking for new supplies, too. So, while proud of what they offer, they are never fully satisfied. That way, they’re always providing their clients and customers with the best supplies possible.

So, if you go to Pacific Upholstery Supply’s site, you’ll find all of the supplies that are available right at this moment. Accordingly, you’ll want to check often, as they keep it updated. That said, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, don’t fret. You can always give Pacific Upholstery Supply a call, and they’ll do everything in their power to make sure that you get a special order for all of the products that you need. If you’re interested in using the kinds of supplies that upholstery pros have counted on for almost fifty years, call Pacific Upholstery Supply now at (323) 321-2222